From Screen to Sculpture

Ceramics student crafts piece inspired by Disney


Alicia Solis, Reporter

Gisselle Reyes is a student in Mr. Krypel’s ceramic class. She has created a piece which displays her well developed skills. Reyes talked about some of her difficulties with her project and also about her success.

“Keeping myself motivated throughout the process was hard alone. It took over a semester to make, so there were days when I just had creativity block and couldn’t think of details to add. But I think the hardest part was picking what colors I wanted to paint it when it was finished. I actually painted the entire house green but I didn’t like it, so I took it all off and repainted it.” she shared.

Looking at her piece would make one wonder how this project was created.

“I used slabs to create the base of the project, including the house itself and the tree. I also used sculpting to create the woman’s face and coils to roll her hair and the branches.”

Her idea came from a very well known Disney movie, Pocahontas. She was inspired by the character Grandmother Willow, and decided that she wanted to recreate the woman through a detailed piece that had different concepts of the movie in it . She decided to paint the leaves of her project just as they were shown in the movie, in order to add detail. All of her careful choices really made her project unique.

When asked about her successes, Reyes admitted, “I love how the leaves turned out. When I was first making them I thought they looked like snowflakes, but after I added the design and painted them, they had this dry but harsh look to them, that I loved.”