Artsy social media accounts worth checking out

Connie Barron, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Instagram has a wide range of art accounts, spanning over different kinds of art forms. Artistic accounts are always interesting to follow, whether the account be focusing on a dance routine, a painting, or a sculpture. Art is captured in many different forms on Instagram. There are pictures and videos on Instagram of artists’ work. Art comes in many forms on Instagram, whether it be wheel throwing, painting, dancing or spray painting.

Rene Leyva, a level four ceramist at East Leyden, says he follows a few artistic accounts on Instagram. His favorite artistic account is fashion.videos, which is mainly videos on makeup tutorials. Leyva explained why he followed these accounts, “I like art a lot. Accounts like this inspire me to do things like that. It doesnt matter what it is, since its a form of art, I really respect that. He considers himself to be a supporter of the accounts by following them. “By watching or viewing their posts, and liking them, it helps support them. They get confidence by receiving likes. They know they’re doing something right.” He also really likes an account called paperfashion and he recommends that people check it out. Paperfashion consists of painted or drawn fashion designs.

Destiny Contreras considers herself to be creative person and follows many artistic accounts on Instagram. The account that came to mind right away for Destiny was the account called banksy. The account focuses on street art. “I feel like street artists have more of a tie to the city or a place that they’re tagging in. This account specifically targets corruption in America and trouble in our society. I like that they have a significant meaning and its not just something to look pretty.”