Art in the Open

This year, Leyden’s art department plans to move forward and have more projects that end up displayed in the community rather than in the classroom.

While there are no specific projects in mind yet, Student Activities Director Mr. Tony Pecucci is speaking with the mayor of Franklin Park, discussing how to involve the Leyden Art department into the community.

Art Department Chairperson Ms. Anna Reed, who also teaches photography and drawing, mentioned how the only problem, or challenge is, “How do you get enough students involved?” Most public art displays are far larger than typical classroom project, requiring multiple artists working together on one project..

Reed explained, “[I] used to sponsor an art club where they would paint chairs and tiles that would be displayed around the school.” If enough students get involved in the art department, and willingly stay after school, then they potentially will have their art displayed on buildings in the community because

Reed said, “There are businesses around the community that asked us to come in and decorate spaces in the buildings or on the outside.”

Art can leave such a positive impact on a student from pride, memories, and confidence once they see their work up in public. Senior Kamilla Wielgat knows that feeling when she passes by the streets of Franklin Park. During Kamilla’s freshman year she helped the art department paint one of the welcoming boards for Franklin Park. She said, “When it’s in school, only those [people] who pass see it. When it’s outside in public…it gets put out to a larger audience.”