Surprise TV Shows

What do Leyden students expect to see when they click on a page listing The top 20 best tv shows. The top 3 tv shows that are most watched is Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and The Wire. Wouldn’t you expect The Walking Dead to be at the top 3 tv shows most rated. I know I would have. Everyone talks about The Walking Dead and watch it every sunday until the season ends and when the next one starts. IMDb had a bunch of ratings for different shows. These ratings are based on what people feel about each show they are watching. Breaking Bad has a rating of a 9.5. Game of Thrones has a rating of a 9.5 too. Lastly, The Wire has a rating of a 9.4. Guess what is the rating for The Walking Dead, an 8.6. That doesn’t make any sense at all. The Walking Dead has the most viewed tv show right now and is rated only an 8.6. The Wire is so much older than The Walking Dead and no one watched The Wire no more. Why do think this is? Do you think it is because the older the movie, the more taste it has, it might or might not be.

What’s your favorite tv show? Still don’t yet maybe you should start watching some tv shows. Maybe you try watching The Walking Dead. People do not realize what they missing. The Walking Dead is very entertaining and interesting. To me and many other fans. Maybe you should search other people watching The Walking Dead and their reviews. If you do, you may enjoy it and learn that other people enjoy it also. People should be expected to live up to others opinions and watch what is most interesting and entertaining.