Winter Art Show

Mireya Cano, Copy Editor

Leyden held its annual winter art show in East Leyden’s Little Theater on Monday evening. This exhibit displayed artwork from all art students and even some pieces from middle schools in the area. 

The room was filled with paintings, drawings, collages, photographs, and even some pottery work. Leyden offers a place in the art show “to all the middle schools that feed into our district,” said Anna Reed, the department chair, since “not all of them have chances to host art shows at their own campuses.” 

Ms. Reed also spoke to the diversity the art show provides, stating that teachers make sure all students have at least one piece in the show, although, “they might might miss a student if they were sick, or out.”

While the show displays the artwork of all students, it also featured sections dedicated to certain AP Art students. Among the many pieces, some had a yellow ribbon attached to them. Reed said the yellow ribbon was a chance for the students to receive recognition that they “may not have a chance to do either through things like Exceptional Eagle or other awards.” One of the changes they hope to make for the spring show includes a ceremony. She said, “We will send out a specific time. Students can come earlier or stay later, but just know that the ceremony is as that time.” 

Mr. William Krypel encourages everyone to come out to the exhibit in the next couple of days, for it represents “some of the greatest talent in high schools across the nation.” While they always try to get as many people as possible to come see the work these students create, different from the previous years, they’ve seen a greater turnout in just one hour of the show, and Mr. Krypel believes contributing to this would be the simple fact that “the word is getting out,” and “a really good, proud set of students. I think that just the culture of our school is changing” where students are simply becoming more engaged than before. 

The opening reception was just the first of a few that will be taking place in the next few days here at Leyden. It gave parents who work a and other friends and family a chance to see the art made by students. For those who have the chance, the art show takes place throughout the entire school days of the 8th and 9th of December, so be sure to urge your teachers to take a trip down to the Little Theater.

One of Martyna's pieces that won a Leyden Art Award.

One of Martyna’s pieces that won a Leyden Art Award.

A variety of artwork created by Martyna Kot.

A variety of artwork created by Martyna Kot.

Projects done by ceramic students in Ceramics 1 and 2.

Projects done by ceramic students in Ceramics 1 and 2.