“Crossing the Line” Will Explore the Effects of Drunk Driving

The theater department is giving junior Margaret Haberman a chance to direct this year’s student directed show, “Crossing the Line,” which will be focusing on the aftermath of a drunk car crash and how people are affected by the crash.

A student directed show is when the staff, the director, tech director, costumer, and lighting designer are students who are doing all the work putting the show together. The adviser is available to offer help, said Victor Piliolla, the Technical Director & Theater Productions Manager. Any student who is interested in directing can fill out an application listing all the theater experience they have. The advisors then pick the student director from whomever submitted an application.

“We look for someone who has shown some leadership,” he added. “We want people who are dependable and willing to work hard throughout the process.”

But the new leadership position has come with some challenges.

The show has been a lot harder than was planned Haberman admitted.

But she added that seeing the people working to get the show together was the inspiration for her to continue working hard to make the show a success.

Meanwhile the cast has found ways to connect to their characters through experiences in their own lives.

Junior Sabrina Rivera plays a character who has gotten brain injury. With a little sister at home who is in special education, she admits how she is able to use that to relate to her character and it helps her play the role better.

The emphasis of the show focuses on the aftermath of drunk driving after sophomore Jack Barshop’s character goes out drinking.

Barshop expressed how he has enjoyed the experience to play someone different than who he is everyday.

“Crossing the Line” will be presented at 5 p.m. on October 12 & 13 in the Little Theater at East Leyden High School.

Admission to the play is a free will donation that will go to SADD or non-perishable food items that will go to a local food pantry.