The Eagle's Eye

Birth Order Blues

Paulina Castelan, Sports Co-editor

December 14, 2015

I am the oldest of 5. The age gap between me and my siblings is huge, and I think that’s part of the reason why I feel so out of place sometimes. The downside of being the oldest is that your parents do not have any other experience:...

Behind the Laugh Track

Behind the Laugh Track

September 20, 2015

Your Phone, Your Problem

Joanna Leski, Reporter

February 27, 2015

Leaving your house unlocked, allowing strangers to come in and take your belongings would be an unthinkable action so why would you leave your phone unattended in a place where hundreds of others are ready to grab it? If your...

Teens: Your Worst Job is Now

Yolisiya Yonova, Reporter

December 16, 2014

East Leyden student Alyana DeLeon watched as the little girl stood still, a smile slowly appearing on her tiny round face, and urinated on the cement floor that DeLeon would have to clean.Between clean ups like these on a daily...

BS Laws

BS Laws

December 15, 2014

You Might be the Crabby Kid

Nick Elliott, Reporter

December 15, 2014

We’ve all had a class with that one grouchy person who consistently ruins our day. Her face is a constant sour puss. Or he refuses to pay attention to anyone, teachers and peers alike. Her “I don’t care attitude” causes...

Find Time for Family

Adriana Balvaneda, Features Co-Editor

December 15, 2014

The wholesome family value found in Christmas is slowly fading, and it seems that this year the Christmas spirit got its biggest hit. All people care about is the materialistic side of Christmas and how couldn’t we believe this...

Bring Joy

December 15, 2014

Procrastination vs. Prioritization

Christina Leon, Staff Reporter

December 10, 2014

With just a few days left until finals everyone is cramming to get last minute studying in. Why? Because we all procrastinated. We procrastinated to do our homework and we procrastinated to study. But it’s okay because it happens...