Discover Great Apps and Get Rewarded

We all know there are many free mobile apps from games, tools, education, entertainment that are available to download, but did you know that you could get rewarded by downloading and using certain apps?

One of the websites that currently provides this type of service is “FreeMyApps.” This website sponsors free apps for Apple and Android devices that, once downloaded and run for 30 seconds to 1 minute, earn users points. Once a certain amount of points have been reached, users can redeem them for gift cards from well known companies.

Gift card options include: $1-$25 Amazon gift cards; $10-$50 iTunes gift cards; and $10-$25 Google play.

Another app that provides a similar service is “FreeAppSlots” which also consists of downloading free apps and running them anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minute. Users then get “spins” for the roulette game in the website to earn points. These points are accumulated and later redeemed for paid apps or gift cards.

The app’s terms of use and service policy claims that it doesn’t “collect any personally identifiable information about you unless you choose to provide it to us, either by contacting us and providing us with such information,” but it is important to note that when you download and use the applications, they may collect your “unique device ID” or “UDID,” which is a unique number associated with your mobile device. The site does state that “we cannot use the UDID to identify you personally.”

There is many other websites that provide a similar service with the same purpose including: AppJoy+, Feature Points and PanelApp which gives users points by just going to certain places. This service will use your location once opened.