Bucket List

Students share the high school to do lists


Yonka Angelova, Reporter

High school is the place where everything happens for the first time. As a teenager, you want to explore and be adventurous, because these are going to be the best years of your life. As a Freshman, you set goals that you want to achieve by the time you graduate high school. Your high school bucket list is filled with academic, as well as personal, goals that must be met.

Let’s see what different students from different grade levels have to say about what’s on their bucket lists.

 10245373_778698862148642_4345597964627480012_n.jpgPaulina Kruk, Senior: “By the end of senior year I want to go on a road trip during spring break and go cliff jumping for the second time.”

10300241_808628382502975_4237693735565629424_n.jpgDagmara Nowicka, Senior: “First, I want to join a new club in order to broaden my idea of what I really like to do.” Second, “I want to go to England or Italy in the near future.”

 IMG_49880.jpgPatrycja Bradlinski, Junior: “Even though it’s a whole year away, I want to receive the excellence award and get my license.”

 photo-2.jpgDamian Furgal, Sophomore: “I want to get involved in a club my last three years at Leyden. I also want to ditch school at least once before graduating high school.”

 unnamed.jpgAlan Ramirez, Freshmen: “I want to go stay in the city for a night or two with a couple of my friends.”

High school is filled with memories that will never be forgotten. Enjoy all four years and decide how you will make them count because you’ll never get them back.