From Hallway to Stage

Former Eagles who are famous

From Hallway to Stage

Look at your classmates, imagine that one day, they could be famous. It’s happened before The list of Leyden alumni who have gone on to perform on big stages is impressive.

Esther Ku, an East graduate,went on the pursue a career in acting and comedy. Ku was put on the top diverse comedian list in 2006. She currently is a host in the MTV show called “Girl Code,” which gives girls advice on how to handle situations from dating to how to find the right place to live. Ku also is working on the MTV show Wild’n Out , in which featured comedians perform improv.

images-2Jonathan Cain (class of 1968), the keyboardist of the musical group Journey, once roamed our hallways. Cain grew up in Illinois and took music lessons, which is how he learned to play the accordion, piano, and guitar. Now, he travels the entire world with his band. While being a member of Journey, credit is due to him for creating and performing some hit songs, such as “Don’t Stop Believin’” and “Faithfully.”

frank_sullFrank Sullivan is another example of the musical talent that comes from Leyden. Sullivan is the founder of the musical group “Survivor” who are well-known for producing hit songs, such as “Eye of the Tiger” and “Burning Heart.”

Tom Dore(class of 1975) is a retired basketball player who attended both West and East Leyden high school. After graduating college, he went on to play professionally for countries like Sweden and France. After his career ended, he went on to become a basketball announcer for the Chicago bulls until 2008.