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Student Fabian Bartos Amazes Engineering Community With 3D Printed Violin

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Student Fabian Bartos Amazes Engineering Community With 3D Printed Violin

Krystian Misiewicz, Reporter

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Leyden junior Fabian Bartos 3D printed a violin during the summer of 2016. While all the students are at home relaxing during their vacation, Fabian Bartos has been recognized as a 30 under 30 Future Leader in Manufacturing, becoming the one out of two only high schoolers earning the title. After watching a couple of videos of 3D printed violins on the internet, Fabian went on to plan out the creation of the violin in June of 2016. Within a few of weeks, he finished the project, shocking the engineering community.


Fabian Bartos was going through his FaceBook feed and saw one of his friends sharing a video of a 3D printed violin. Going deeper, Fabian went on Youtube to look up how the violin is made. “It blew my mind how something so simple could be so complicated. “ said Fabian. On June 24th, Fabian contacted his engineering teacher Mr. Frank Holthouse to get approval on the project. In the middle of July, even though there was construction in the hallway where the engineering room is, that did not stop Fabian from sneaking in and printing the separate parts for the violin. “After printing all the parts I laid them out on the table at home, and I was amazed at how it looked… The end product was a 3D printed, full size electric violin, that could be hooked up to an amp, and played with the same sound as an acoustic violin.”


Fabian Bartos discovered engineering when he was 6 years old on a career day at school.  Later, when he was 8 or 9 years old, Fabian read “Magic Tree House: Tonight on the Titanic.” Fabian fell in love with the book and started researching about the physics and engineering behind the Titanic wreck. Fabian went as far as to even build 3 quarters of a model of the Titanic made out of popsicle sticks and tongue depressors.

After high school, Fabian would like to study aerospace/aeronautical engineering. “I plan on becoming a licensed private pilot.” Fabian’s next project is to 3D print a cello. “I would want all students that read this to know that if they truly love to do something, and they take that PASSION and just do it, they will be surprised with the outcomes. It’s all about “FINDING YOUR PASSION.”’ “Fabian’s willingness to share his work publicly allows other students and Leyden families to see what is possible at Leyden and how we truly support students to find and pursue their passions” says East Leyden Principal Jason Markey.

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Student Fabian Bartos Amazes Engineering Community With 3D Printed Violin