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#LeydenPride: History and how to use it

Nataliya Grygorash

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#LeydenPride. We use this hashtag to express our love and support for our school. Everyone, from students to teachers, use this hashtag everyday and talk about different things that are happening around our school.

According to Jason Markey, East Leyden’s Principal, #LeydenPride was started by few students, a little over four years ago. It was made to create a better community. And it did. People started tweeting positive things, like volunteer work that they did with their club. “All we ask is for people who use LeydenPride is to follow our vision for our students that is for them to be kind, to find their passion, or that it’s about them committing to excellence.”

Victoria Novak, most people know her as Torri, is a junior at East Leyden. According to Torri, “#LeydenPride is just a positive way for students to show their spirit online by using Twitter or even Instagram. And it’s just a good way for us to show good things about our school.”

Torri is also an Access mentor and she said that, “A way for freshmen to show pride is to go online and post a picture of a football game, great quotes from their teachers, or just any positive thing helps.” You can share things that you have pride about. For example, the recent football game or a field trip that you went on with your class/club.

So don’t be afraid to post your recent picture from the field trip that you went to, community service project that you were a part of, or even a club event that you helped in on Twitter. You will get nothing but support from students around you, but don’t forget to use #LeydenPride!

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#LeydenPride: History and how to use it