13th Floor Haunted House

Abram Reyes’ job at 13th Floor began with him being a customer. He went to the haunted house and was scared to death by a scary clown. The clown was wearing a full mask, wearing some crazy colored eyes. He soon found himself wanting to work there. Abram ended up getting a job there and gave us an inside scoop on the 13th floor. Abram described his first day as terrifying, pretty ironic for someone who’s supposed to do the scaring. On his first day, there was loud music blaring, it was pitch black, and the only light was a strobe light. He ended up getting scared by all the loud noise and the loud laugh that was playing in the background. He said “My first day of the job I was terrified the loud music blaring constantly and it was pitch black and the only light was a flasher that was connected to speaker that let out a giant insane laugh that would scare anybody even me because my foot slipped a couple of times and I ended up scaring myself.” The first day was a pretty scary day for Abram, but he progressed and now he’s putting the haunt in haunted house. Although his job is to scare people to death, he still has to follow guidelines for everyone’s safety. He said, “Safety is one of the biggest things we focus on making sure your arm’s length away when you are in act at all times in case someone decides to swing.” In addition to attempting to stay an arm’s length away, there are some secret passages to exits and break rooms if needed. Safety is their main concern, besides bringing you to near death because of a scare. If you ever decided to go to 13th Floor and see a clown it is most likely Chris. Abram talked about how all-out Chris goes. He wears a mask that covers his shoulders all the way up to his head. Chris goes all out and does it all to scare the heck out of people.