Social Progress and Holidays


Gender inequality is a social issue that’s easy to dismiss.  It’s hard for people to realize it’s actually a problem especially if they refuse to acknowledge it exists. From everyday language that undermines women to the repression of feelings by men , this social norm harms both men and women equally. With the holidays coming up,  society has a lot to fight for as holiday traditions encourage gender roles.

Here are a few tips to help break gender inequality at home:

For Women


  • Refuse to wrap all the presents by yourself. Getting all the presents wrapped faster is definitely a bonus, plus, you won’t have to struggle with the tape anymore. Make it a team project and teach along the way. Gentlemen, you might not be very good at it at first, but remember- practice makes perfect. You never know, it might make wrapping presents fun.
  • Encourage teamwork when decorating the Christmas Tree. Usually they help put up the big Christmas Tree because it’s an opportunity to show off their masculinity, but once it comes to decorating it, they sit down on the couch to watch T.V or watch you. This year don’t let the boys sit down by asking for their help. Gentlemen, the hesitation will kick in, but remember working with someone makes everything a lot more enjoyable.
  • Help with outdoor holiday decorations. Unfortunately, men get stuck with the hassle of climbing ladders and struggling to put up lights while maintaining a balance. Not only is it dangerous, but it’s also lonely. Ladies, hold the ladder for them or ask them hold the ladder for you. Gentlemen, don’t reject her offer to help. Here’s your chance to make the frustration and mini heart attacks when you lose your balance disappear. Perhaps, when both work together the outside decorating can help build a team bond and will become something to look forward to.


For the Host


  • Go grocery shopping together. Talk about the meals as a team and go get the ingredients together. I’ll admit it, I hate grocery shopping. There’s something about strolling around the store and looking at food you can’t eat yet that really bores me. But when you’re with someone whose company always makes any activity 10x better, something like grocery shopping can become an adventure.
  • Clean up together. You wash, the other dries. Simple as that.