The Culture of Christmas

        Christmas is a holiday of gift giving, sharing joy with those you love and eating delicious food as well. During the Holidays we enjoy eating good as a way to celebrate. Traditional Christmas foods consist of turkey with stuffing, other poultry such as ham, mash potatoes and gravy, and for dessert a delicious pie. The most popular pies are pumpkin and apple pie.

         When it comes down to my family , we have the traditional food plus a little extra. Since I come from a Mexican background, all the food comes along with Christmas celebrations as well. So unlike most tradition Christmas, my family add’s food like tamales, rice, beans, enchiladas and of course pozole.. This authentic Mexican food made by my grandmother makes up what Christmas is for my family. On the other hand, Senior, Selena Bravo  and her family eat Puerto-rican food rather than Mexican food . Her Christmas dinner consists of  pasteles, Puerto rican rice, yucatan, coquito, and ham. She also loves giving out food to her bestfriends. “ I know they love my grandma’s puerto rican rice so whatever leftovers I have I always  make sure to drop some off at my friends house.” Christmas is a great Holiday to bring out our own cultures within our family. Ola Minika speaks to me about her Christmas and traditional polish food that her mom makes. “We  have plates filled with pierogi, barszcz, ham, cranberry jam, mash potatoes, gołabki, and kołaczki for dessert.”  Looking at each others different ethnic background and how that impacts our christmas dinners is outstanding. We all celebrate the family loving holiday of “ Christmas” in our own unique ways.

      Different ethnicities celebrate Christmas in their own way.  There’s no rules to celebrate food of giving ! Christmas is all about spending time with the people we love and appreciating the stuff that others don’t.