Senior Snapshot

At a time when most seniors were scrambling to juggle school, sports, clubs, and college applications, Senior Patryk Rydzewski decided to add another variable: launching his own photography company.

Rydzewski’s passion began with low quality pictures on his mom’s flip phone while taking pictures of his family and scenery on vacations. From there, he received his first DSLR camera in 7th grade and his passion expanded. Patryk shares that he “wasn’t too serious with photography and editing, but enjoyed editing pictures on various free photoshop apps.” By the beginning of junior year that had all transformed completely for Patryk. Now alongside fellow friends Tom Radziszewski and Vick Gadula, Patryk took his hobby on the road. The boys travel to various scenic locations such as Starved Rock and take shots of not only the scenery, but portraits of friends as well. All this work can be found on Patryk’s photography Instagram account @pat.rydz.

“The instagram page is still developing, but I try to post daily” he said.

What’s next for this aspiring Senior? Patryk hopes to transform his skills to the next level and apply all he knows to now create a cinematic page as well. The boys have created their own youtube channel called LØNE, in which they upload various video clips which they take while shooting. The process consumes hours of their time each week, but they find joy from doing it. Personally Patryk “constantly tries to find new ideas for shoots and strives to expand [his] creativity and skills.” Likewise he informs us that in his near future he hopes to carry on his passion and double major in business and cinematography in College.

But until then Patryk will continue to carry out his love for photography and take advantage of the breathtaking scenes of Autumn. Keep your eyes peeled for future works on his Instagram and shared youtube account of LONE. As of now he gives us an inside look behind the lens.