Foodie Fun

New club serves up taste of the culinary life

Leslie Correa and Piotr Morawiec

Two students, Ariana Cardenas and Ashley Fiala, have joined forces with Mr. Alex Jomarron to start a Foodie Club, which will offer members a chance to eat different cuisines and experience great meals, while chatting and socializing with friends and other members.

Mr. Jammaron, a foodie himself, is sponsoring this club because he wants people to experience cuisine, rather than just eat it. He believes that Foodie Club is about expanding people’s knowledge of food and trying to explore the different foods Chicago has to offer.

“I hope it fosters a little bit of adventurous spirit in trying different food because sometimes kids are brought up, and they don’t have the natural inclination to try new things,” Jomarron said.

During the meeting there were about thirty to forty people listening to Mr. Jomarron explain the ideas for the club.

Students will also be expected to critique the restaurants that they attend. Mr. Jomarron said, “The purpose of critiquing is to have them be a little more conscious, instead of just eating but sit there and pay attention: ‘Am I getting good service, what’s the decor like?’”

One of the difficulties that Foodie club will have to overcome will be transportation. During the week, there will be busses to the restaurants, but if Foodie Club decides to meet on a Saturday people would be required to get there by themselves. Busses will not be provided.

Foodie Club Meets in Library Classroom C, 11th period every other week. If you have any questions please ask Mr. Jomarron.