End Of Year Stress And Anxiety

Coming back to the second semester of your senior year of High School after being gone for a whole month on vacation. For a lot of people, they feel a sense of excitement because they come back to see their friends and socialize at school. Others, on the other hand, find it to be a more stressful situation. Coming back to school means a brand new schedule and new people in your classes that you have to adjust too. The second semester isn’t only 4 months away from leaving and going on summer vacation, but for many Seniors, it’s the last year of High School that they have to go through. Teachers pile up homework on top of other work and not only do they give you the most challenging test and quiz at the end of the semester, to the point where it becomes stressful because of the work overload. As young adults, we all worry about the relationships we have with our friends and family and other relationships at this point in our life. As a Senior that has been in High School for the past four years, I have come to notice that time flies by especially at the end of the year and that’s where the deadlines come to play their part and your anxiety stats rushing since you feel a sensation of being overwhelmed.

Stress and Anxiety are caused by external factors such as relationships with friends and family, work overloads, sleep schedule, time management, and environmental issues such as the weather outside and toxins. With relationships as a young adult comes a lot of figuring things out, these things can come between your school life especially if you have anxiety disorders that make you overthink things and worry about unnecessary problems. During these situations, it’s important to manage school work and social problems so your problems don’t interfere and cause you to stress that is unnecessary. Another factor is your sleep schedule, lack of sleep doesn’t only cause you a higher chance of anxiety, but also anxiety can cause a lack of sleep. Many people may stress about not getting enough sleep to function, but the stress alone of trying to sleep can cause people to sit awake for hours. Making sure you get an adequate amount of sleep is a key role in the amount of stress you will be putting yourself through. Sleeping relieves hard situations you might be going through and only does it give your brain time for relaxation after working hard trying to catch up and finish work before the end of the year is over. As students who had high expectations to complete work on time and get good grades, it’s not good if we keep ourselves up stressing out about work, making sure we can navigate throughout the day and find meditation times. To make sure that students put less stress on their shoulders time management is key. Writing important deadlines and dates and making sure your schedule stays flexible can help to manage time. As a High School student, we feel that we need to be in every event and participate but it’s okay to say no, especially if other things need to be prioritized.

One of the factors that lead to Anxiety at the end of the school year for students is the idea of failing grades and not passing graduation required classes. Poor study habits, poor past test performance, and an underlying anxiety problem can all contribute to test anxiety. When students have a negative mindset towards school their self-esteem is lower and it lowers test scores according to a study done by Sari Seda Burke she said ¨students with a good level of achievement were found to have higher self -esteem. In other words, as the course success increases, the self-esteem score also increases at a statistically significant level.¨ Students that are usually well studied and have high test score and higher self-esteem are more prone to have less anxiety. Not only is support from your teachers that trust in you and have watched you grow your intellectual abilities throughout the year but parental support is also a big reason that students have anxiety. When someone’s parent is not as involved as other it makes your self-esteem go down, because they believe they don’t have an interest in their child. It worries a student when they see no one believes in themselves and that they are going to have to be independent and they have to face these challenges by themselves. Senior Valeria Mendoza agrees that when someone doesn’t have hope in you, it adds more stress and anxiety on top of your schoolwork because she said ¨it feels like your by yourself,¨ thankfully her teachers and parents are involved in her school life. Valeria´s Taste of Teaching teacher Mrs. Maldonado has always been by her side pushing her to exceed in school and rewarding her by gaining her respect.