The Perks Of Being A Wallflower


Source 1: Fiction

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

Topic: Mental Health (Disorders caused by biological genes and environment)

Mental health and the emotional state in which students are in depend deeply on the courses they take, their life at home, and many other factors. It can be categorized in 3 big categories: social interactions, economic stability, and biological inheritance. For the most part, social and economic stability can be alternated but often times, biological inheritance can take a much stronger effort to alternate them slightly. In the book “The Perks Of Being A Wallflower” we meet the character Charlie, who

 appears to be in a not so good mental state. He is an incoming freshman whose best friend had committed suicide a few months ago and although he talks about it openly, he has no real clue to what the causes of it were nor does he seem to be affected too strongly. He often addresses each one of journal entries with “Hello friend” as he speaks to us (the reader) about his day and what his thoughts are. Charlie, however, has had some rather awful encounters apart from his friend’s suicide. During one of his sister’s party, he wanders into a room in order to be alone for a while, shortly afterwards a couple walk in rather drunk and although they are fully aware of his presence, the guy proceeds to ignore him and his date’s “no’s” as she is then attempts to get out but then collapses or gives up due to her date’s strength. There is no way of sugarcoating the fact that he had witnessed a rape and who knows to what extend that coul

d hurt someone mentally. It wasn’t clear what he felt, that’s been an

 issue throughout. It’s a new world for him and this is 

a chance for normality (fitting in) and these early events aren’t helping his cause. Luckily for him, during one of his classes, he meets Patrick, a senior who he would befriend and begin to spend time with. One can only hope this will be a turning point for the better.