Honors Blog #3

Illinois High School football playoffs are nearing an end. This Saturday marks two weeks before the ultimate goal: State. Maine South is looking very strong going into this Saturday. If you look back to last season, Maine South is looking strong and looking for a repeat. They started the season off pretty strong and have only gotten stronger in the playoffs. Maine South will take on Naperville Central. Naperville Central will test Maine South’s ability. Naperville Central will be challenged by Maine South and their high scoring offense. On the other side of the bracket, Loyola Academy continues to get stronger as the postseason continues. They look to make it down to Dekalb again but hopefully win it. Last year, they lost to Maine South. Loyola takes on Marist, a very dominant team. Loyola is going to have to bring it to Marist if they plan on getting an upset to make it to the semis. I will stick by my original state championship game of Maine South vs. Loyola Academy. It will be a rematch and it will be a very interesting game to see who will come out on top.