Honors Blog #4

Give a man a fish and he eats for one night. Teach him how and he eats for life


The aphorism, “Give a man a fish and he eats for one night. Teach him how and he eats for life,” is so powerful. It teaches us that giving people the power to do things by themselves allows them to better their future. Take for example the school system. Teachers teach young kids in elementary school the basics of math, reading, and history. And, as those kids get older, they are taught more advanced types of math, reading, and history. But how much of this information do we really need to know? For a student wishing to become a police officer, do they really need to know geometry or European history?

What our upcoming generation needs is to learn life skills they can use at any age and then teach their children. Simple things like cooking and cleaning are some necessities needed to live a healthy lifestyle. When we are taught how to cook eggs, steak, and brownies, we can cook almost anything for rest of our lives because we have the training for it all. But, only teach us how to make toast, and we won’t be able to make dinner for us or our family.

So, then what is the moral of this? It’s we need to teach ourselves to live and prosper. To become better people. To be able to give to others and to ourselves.