Honors Blog #4

This week the focus will be on stress with sports. Sports for people can be a getaway from life or complete tortue for some. We all have different opinions when it comes to sports and how each one runs and the rules it contains. For those sport lovers, some are dedicated to the sport and follow stats 24/7. Professional sports are one of the most talked about topics with friends and family and many revolve days around those sports to make sure they catch the game. When it comes to playing sports as a kid, we also can take sports seriously. The stress we have to be the best and impress the people we know can sometimes take a toll on how we act and play. Whether it be trying to become captain, playing, or even getting on the team, all of these reasons can cause us to stress and become overwhelmed. Stress with sports to be the best can most definitely defeat the enjoyment and fun sports can bring. “Of the various sports studied, individual sports caused the highest levels of pre-event anxiety. But, like the UCLA researchers, Simon and Martens reported that some of the young athletes experienced extremely high levels of stress before competing, regardless of the sport.” As young kids, we need to remember that sports are there for us to have fun and escape from the real world at times and not to cry after every game we lose.