Blue Crew Has Arrived

Pete Skylakos

Left to Right: Nick Raimondi (Senior East), Timmy Corr (Senior East), Anthony Raimondi (Sophomore East), along with other Blue Crew members cheer on the varsity football team on September 7th against Addison Trail.

This school year new courses, new technology, and new clubs came to Leyden. One club to look out for is Blue Crew.

Blue Crew is a spirit group to promote sportsmanship, spirit, and a positive culture for sports said Mr. Dominic Monola, the advisor for the club.

The Blue Crew evolved from the West Suburban Conference leadership program last year. It was a group that brought together all the schools in Leyden’s conference to promote school spirit.

It is called Blue Crew because Leyden was “looking for a catchy name that encompasses what we are all about – a bunch of people who support blue and gold,” Mr. Manola said.

The Blue Crew’s first official appearance will be at the Homecoming football game, followed by some basketball games.

Students in the club can earn prizes such as t-shirts, Leyden wear, and attend BBQ’s. Students who attend at least three events are considered official members.

For some students though, it’s not about the prizes.

“I want to join Blue Crew because it is a good opportunity to go nuts with friends,” senior Justin O’Donnell said.

“It’s a good chance to get school spirit and pump up the team,” senior Tyler Jones added.

Mr. Manola mentioned that a lot of other schools have groups like this.

The first meeting was on September 19th, but students with school spirit who would like more information can contact Mr. Manola.