Course Change Fine Lifted, Deadlines Stiffened

Leslie Correa, Reporter

January 19, 2016  was the last day to drop a class without a T/F grade for the second semester. The reason for registration deadlines such as these is to ensure that both students and teachers schedules remain consistent. Moreover, Mrs. Ritter announced, “Next year we are eliminating the $50 course change fee and will strictly abide by the deadline.”

The school wants to make sure that students think through their enrollment decisions and stick with them when it comes to the course changes. The last deadline to make any changes to course selection for next year is February 12, 2016. Only teacher-initiated changes or changes prompted by extraordinary circumstances will be honored.

Ms. Karen Ritter, Assistant Principal for Teaching and Learning explained why students need to make decisions by this date. “Before the semester begins, we spend a great deal of time making sure classes are not overcrowded and that they are balanced with other sections of the same course.”

Some students do not like the change. Sophomore Alan Ramirez said, “I don’t think that’s the best idea. Many students, especially the freshmen, choose classes which they might not know much about. As the year goes on, the students might realize the class is not what they thought it would be. So I think it’s a great option to allow them to switch to a class that they’re actually interested in for second semester.”
Ms. Ritter suggested that students understand what classes will involve prior to enrollment: “We encourage students to ask any questions about courses, seek information from their counselors and teachers, watch the electives videos, read the course planning handbook that is available online, and attend any school-sponsored information sessions.”