Students Moved to Gravel Lot


This year, the students are stuck with the gravel lot.

The temporary lot, which was faculty parking last year, has caused problems for students, including streets being crowded, and presents future problems like potholes developing. Additionally, all students must enter through Entrance 4, making the walk from the lot to the entrance farther.

Olivia Ziobro, senior, thinks that the parking lot is very unorganized. “When it rains it gets my car and shoes dirty and it’s even worse because we have to walk all the way around the building to the main entrance because security guards don’t let us through the side doors,” she said. “I feel like I have to leave earlier, and the line to get into the parking lot is long. It’s a struggle to make it on time.” Students are struggling with the gravel parking lot now, and the lot will likely get worse.

According to Dean of Students Mr. Dennis Bryne, eventually potholes will happen. “It is a gravel lot; there will be potholes and, of course, rain. Last year the teachers had it worse with the rain and flooding, but our maintenance team has worked hard to keep the lot as smooth as possible.” Bryne also discussed how Leyden is pretty fortunate that we have the parking that we have because other schools around us have worse parking situations.

“We are going to have more parking right now then we are in the future; we will go back to the parking that we had before construction. We’ve talked to other administrators. I know that at one school, students have to pay a dollar a day, so it’s like $185 a year, and that doesn’t even guarantee them a spot. They could pay for that tag and get to the parking lot, and if the parking lot is full they are out of luck.”