Will This Year Mark The Return Of Turnabout?

For the past 3 years there has been no option or talk of a Turnabout Dance for Leyden students. But with the school’s newfound school spirit, through the recent additions of the Blue Crew and the Blue Man, some students are anxiously waiting to see if this year will mark the return of the Turnabout Dance.

The last time tickets were sold for a Turnabout was in the 2009-2010 school year; the current senior class’s freshman year. Not enough tickets were sold resulting in the cancellation and discontinuance of the dance. The last actual dance that happened was the 2008-2009 school year. Only 6 tickets were sold and it was held in the cafeteria.

“The dance hasn’t been successful for the 5 years I have been here” said Dominic Manola, head of the student activities department.

When explaining why it hasn’t happened these past 5 years Manola explained that “not enough tickets were sold, and you need that money from those tickets for a DJ and security. It just can’t happen without a good amount of tickets sold.”

But there is hope. “If a petition is put together and some kids help me plan this, it could happen” he said.

As of right now there are no plans for a Turnabout, but Mr. Manola said he has been asked by many people if there is going to be one which shines a light on the dim subject.

Mr. Manola feels that the senior class is one of the most spirited senior classes that Leyden has had in a while.

Yet senior reactions to the idea of a Turnabout Dance are mixed.

“I would go to a Turnabout because it gives the girl a chance to ask,” senior Kris Ripke said in reference to how it becomes the girl’s turn to ask the guy out to the dance.

But senior Jessica Padilla thinks that it wouldn’t be a benefit for the school. “I think a Turnabout wouldn’t be successful [because] not enough kids would buy tickets.”

As a senior myself, I can say that in the four years I have been here, it wasn’t until this year that I felt this positive atmosphere that our class has set for sports and just the school in general. The entire school just has more pride this year, and I think that that can lead to a Turnabout Dance. I personally would like to do as much as I possibly can with my classmates until it’s over, and a winter dance would be a great way to have some fun and create some lasting memories during our senior year.

Also, with the recent passing of East Leyden security guard Cyrus Clark, I would like to see any proceeds go to his family.

If you’re interested in starting a petition, organizing the dance, or have any ideas contact Mr. Manola in the student activities office.