DIY Christmas Joy

Jasmina Abdic, Social Chair

Tis the season to be fashionable and crafty, falalala la la la. Time to grab all the red,green and white ribbon and gather all the joy!

Wanting to make your loved ones feels special but also on a budget? Making your loved one a homemade gift is a great idea because once you see that glow on their faces, you heart fills with joy. DIY your own Christmas gift, room decor, and christmas snacks


jpeg;base64824f46d9da6eb1c8Gift #1: Starbucks Cup: Buy a Starbucks and you’re halfway done. Now you can add any sentimental items that represent your loved one. For an example, makeup, food, and or gift cards to their favorite store. THAT’S IT! You’re Done!


Gift #2: Shadow Box: Buy a picture frame that pops out in order for you to be able to put items inside of the picture frame. For example, little Christmas bows or paper snowflakes will do. Once you’ve done this you can now insert a picture of you and your loved onto the other piece of the the frame. This can also be part of wall decor if you chose to do so. Voila!jpeg;base64bc5db685f1770213


Gift #3: Cereal Box: Buy a cereal box and that’s it, literally. Take out the cereal and just wrap the cereal box itself in wrapping paper and you could trick your loved ones with a funny gift.


Food #1: M&M Pretzels: Get a bunch of pretzels and lay them out on a sheet pan. Get Christmas colored M&Ms and put the M&M in the center of the pretzel. Repeat to other pretzels as desired. Cook at 350 degrees and take out within 7-10 minutes. The goal is to have the M&M melted to the point where the M&M is still presentable but also sticks to the pretzel.



Food #2: Strawberry Santa: Get some strawberry and cut off the whole tip. You will end up with just the bottom of the strawberry that is far more thicker, making it Santa’s stomach. Insert whipped cream to the top of Santa’s stomach (this will be Santa’s face). Put the tip of the strawberry halfway to the top of the whip cream. Add whipped cream to the top of the tip of the strawberry, making a hat. Now insert two black sprinkle circles to make the eyes and two more dots of whip cream to make buttons for Santa’s body.

Not only is this DIY about the decor, food, and gifts but it’s also about the fashion ensembles and makeup tips! All of these outfits can be changed to your liking but why not just get dressed up and look cute every once in while. All of these ensembles represent the holidays and are also super comfy. I also added in two makeup looks for the holidays to give some inspiration.


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