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Jennifer Rensel, Flickr

Jennifer Rensel, Flickr

Jennifer Rensel, Flickr

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For many people in search of a job and in need of money, the holiday and summer seasons are very appealing and welcoming. Around this time, employers are recruiting a bunch of new workers in order to provide the best service and quality for their customers.

There are many advantages to having a seasonal job. For example, during vacation, you will remain busy and won’t lose the feeling of having a daily routine, you gain relationships with all your coworkers, and of course, you make the money needed to buy new clothes or pay for your phone bill. However, is having a seasonal job really worth it?

From the beginning, are aware that you will be unemployed as soon as the busy season has come to an end. While relationships with coworkers  are created during the period worked, the time is so brief that keeping communication with them afterwards would be very unlikely.

Senior, Jasmine Salvador, worked at Arlington’s International Racecourse during her summer vacation. Salvador had many positive things to say about her seasonal job, for example, her favorite thing about working a seasonal job was the fact that she never had to worry about her job conflicting with the countless sports teams, clubs, and AP classes she is involved in.

She says, “It’s also a job I can come back to during summer vacations even if I do decide to go out-of-state[,] similarly to many of my coworkers and [working there was] great because by the time school starts up again the season is ending not interfering with school and sports.” For someone like Salvador, seasonal jobs are a blessing because you get to earn money and gain the experience that comes with having a job but not have to worry about scheduling hours around extracurricular activities and school work.

Starting in October, the employment rate usually goes up by about 4.9%. Around 161,000 people become employed during this time. The most popular industries that peak with employment are health care, professional and business services, and financial activities. Based on these statistics, it is safe to assume that many people are grateful for this season because it can help whatever financial situation they are in.

Another senior, Klaudia Reczjak, landed a job at the Schiller Park pool to keep her occupied during her summer vacation. Reczjak absolutely loved her experience at the pool and is definitely going back next summer.

In the summer, I was hired at American Eagle as a seasonal employee, but I was fortunate enough to be able to keep my job after the season was over. I also worked at Banana Republic during the summer and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did working at American Eagle. Luckily, since I was technically only a seasonal employee, there wasn’t a large expectation for me to continue working there once the summer was over.  I was able to leave right after the summer was over and continue working at American Eagle only. As someone who now has a permanent job, the holiday season has been a bit frustrating. During the time spent at American Eagle, I have gotten a steady, easy to manage schedule that consists of at least a few shifts a week. However, during this time, seasonal employees need to get trained and situated, therefore, they are taking a majority of everyone’s hours. On the contrary, when I was first hired and thought I would only be a seasonal worker, I was very excited to be given the opportunity to work there even if it was for only a short amount of time.

In conclusion, while there are some negative aspects to having a seasonal job, the positive seems to outweigh every negative. I highly recommend for people busy with school or any other commitment to try a seasonal job as opposed to a permanent job to make it easier to manage.


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Keeping watch over student news at East Leyden High School