Eighties Fashion Comeback

Is it worth it?


Fashionista Georgia Thomas takes on the upcoming fashion trends

Velvet tops, cuffed mom jeans, and gold chains are making their way back into the fashion trends. Just look down the street, and you’ll see women wearing jean skirts and boys wearing track suits. These decade trends from the 80s are now on the rise again and have never been so popular. There is a saying that history repeats itself, and fashion history is right in line with it. As the world follows its monkey see monkey do mindset, more and more women have been taking on the stunning material girl vibe, wearing their scrunchies and unitards. For many guys, the decades trend never left due to huge gold chains and cross necklaces continuing to be in style. Regardless if you’re a boy or a girl, 80s fashion style is anything but dull and drab, and it’s worth your attention.

A guy’s normal attire mainly consists of either a pair of jeans or basketball shorts with a t shirt – nothing too outgoing. However, senior Erick Yepez took on a new approach to style. “It turns heads and that’s dope” Yepez says, “You don’t see a lot of people that look like this.” Instead of a more casual look to school, Yepez wears track pants and oversized shirts, a huge style back in the day. To spice up his look, he layers gold chains to his shirt. “My style varies from different artists I look up to, whether it being rappers or famous people,” Yepez explained of his change in style. For Yepez, the leaders in the lively 80s return are famous artists. Chance the Rapper is a one rapper in particular that is a big fan of overalls and customized jean jackets – a typical 80s outfit. The upcoming style for guys gives them a chance to go out of their comfort zone – basketball shorts and a t shirt – and apply themselves to dressing more in style.

Today’s changes in women’s trends are causing the original 80s generation  to reminisce. Fanny packs, huge hoop earrings, and circle sunglasses complete any essential look in today’s fashion sense. Senior Georgia Thomas is a huge fan of the decade trend, and uses its components in her own way. “I normally just pick whatever I like, and it ends up working with my style,” Thomas claims,  “There’s so much to choose from, and everyone can find something from the decades to incorporate into their style.” There are so many different types of clothes and accessories to choose from that can turn any outfit into a daring decades outfit. “Fashion is so unique and everything they wore is super in trend right now,” Thomas says, “I love to incorporate bold trends like bell bottom sleeves into my style.”  Whatever their outfit is, girls can incorporate a glitzy 80s style to make more of a statement for themselves.  

Some fashionistas may wonder, “Are the 80s really worth another comeback? Do teens really want to be dressing as their parents did when they were in high school?” The simple answer is, “Yes.” Even though we may seem like duplicates to our parents, these old styles deserve a return their focus on bright colors and big accessories allow for a bold, individualized fashion sense. This fashion flashback may seem like we are mirroring our parents looks back in the day, but these upcoming styles are bright, loud, and vivid. People who are looking for some head turning and statement making outfits, make sure to ask your parents to pull out their old 80s wardrobe!