Unrealistic Expectations

From models to celebrities, we all get a little judgmental with ourselves

Scrolling through Instagram this past weekend, I saw numerous different pictures of models – clear faced and toned –  in super cute outfits and bikinis. I started to judge myself to these girls, which brought down my self-esteem. As I stared at myself in the mirror for what seemed like hours, I realized that I was holding an unrealistic expectation over my head. I then ran into my kitchen, grabbed a tub of ice cream, and sat on the couch feeding my face. But, not every girl is as successful as I am with this realization, which causes them to create dangerous situations for themselves.

Nowadays, celebrities have started to become more “normal” with their weight; however, back about 10 years ago, celebrities were as slim and “perfect” as could be. But look how much damage has already come from that. We have seen an increase in females having eating disorders and taking drugs to thin themselves out. Plastic surgery, especially lip injections, and breast implants have become popular to young adult celebrities and women around the country. These unrealistic expectations have us teens contemplating if we really do look pretty enough. Tons of makeup and different clothes were thought to be enough to look like the beautiful model seen on Twitter, but to a lot of girls, it’s not.

We, as a growing technological generation, need to realize that everything we see on social media and TV is not what it is in real life. Photoshop is the main culprit for the unrealistic expectations. By tweaking a photo for a few minutes you can make a girl’s average and normal looking face, to a slim, naturally contoured face. And when teenagers see this nonexistent beautiful face, they look at themselves in the mirror and frown because that isn’t there face. No matter the amount of Photoshop used on any model or celebrity, teenage girls need to know that they are beautiful the way they look. Everyone is different in their own way, and we need to emphasize that uniqueness. Nobody is perfect, and nobody should be.