National Honor Society

The National Honors Society nationally recognizes the top 20% of the sophomore, junior and senior classes who apply to be a part of the program.

NHS has changed over the years, not physically, but digitally.

Club sponsor Johanna Heppeler said that service projects are now being tweeted and meetings are not being sent through emails.

To be a part of the National Honors Society club, or NHS, a sophomore, junior, or senior has to be in the top 20% of their class. Students gather for a meeting for the application process around the month of February and applications are then due in mid-March.

“The club typically gets 40-50 applications,” said Alex Jomarron, co-sponsor of NHS. “There is no set number of who gets in or out.”

A committee of 5 teachers review and select the applications that meet the necessary criteria.

According to Mr. Jomarron, about 25 students get accepted.

Senior Shannon Le, who is a returning member to NHS and one of the co-presidents of the club said that it is “a really big honor to be in it.”

She heard about this club during her freshman year when teachers mentioned it and applied because she knew it would look good on college applications and because she liked to do community service.

She recommends students get involved because they’ll be part of an elite group of students who get to do a lot of things other clubs don’t.

A bonus is that the sponsors work really well together; they are funny and humorous she said.

Junior Arielle Strauss heard about NHS in her freshman year from her sister, who was a part of it, and from Ms. Heppeler.

“I knew this club did a lot of community service (Autism Walk and Hot Chocolate Run), and I love being in those types of clubs. It is also a well known club nationally, so it looks great on college applications,” Arielle said.

She recommends students apply and that it is definitely worth it.

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