Orchesis’ Premiere at the Homecoming Pep Rally

Orchesis premiered at the September 26 Pep Rally for the first time this year in the West Leyden field house.

“I was so nervous for the Pep Rally” Jonjalee Fisher, new member of the club said. “My heart was racing throughout the performance.”

The group’s routines vary in dances from hip-hop to ballet: the slowest of music to fast upbeat music.

“I don’t want the girls to just practice one type of dance, I want them to walk out of here knowing so many different types,” Coach Stephanie Zeppetello said.

Orchesis has been a dance club at Leyden for over 10 years now, and is currently coached by Ms. Zeppetello and Meg Goins.

This club is not open to just anyone though.

There is a 3 step tryout you must go through. Day one of the tryout you learn a dance and perform it. Day 2 is usually the day they want to make sure the participants have passion for dance and do not give up on the hard dance you learned. Day 3 is the day where the coaches see if you are committed.

“Usually about 29 girls make the team,” Zeppetello said.

Tryouts are usually around the second week of school and the Orchesis season goes all the way until about February.


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