Take A Journey through Jazz with the 2013 Jazz Band

The 2013 Jazz Band opened up to freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors this month, offering students an opportunity to play different types of music.

Different from Concert Band that plays classical music, Jazz Band plays different styles of music ranging from Jazz to Swing to Pop music.

“Jazz music is more popular that art (classical) music and it’s always been that way,” said Tara Cappelletti, the director of the East Jazz Band.

She adds the Jazz Band club is a tradition at Leyden, and the Jazz music helps the community relate to it.

Jazz Band has been a large interest among the Leyden students.

Last year, the number of students that got involved in the East Jazz Band was 65 students, which led to having to create to separate jazz bands. Some students took part in both bands, having more experience with Jazz music.

Junior Jessica Batson said that her favorite part about Jazz Band was “being able to see my friends,” and listening to different instruments play different parts in the music.

She was inspired to join jazz band because her best friend was in it.

In order to get into Jazz band, all you have to do is come to the meeting, show that you would want to participate in a club like this, and play any instrument, no experience required.

The schedule for when Jazz Band rehearsals are based on the students, making sure nothing interferes with any sports or other clubs.

Sophomore Cheri Goumas said she “worked it out” in order to participate in the club last year. However, this year she won’t be participating in Jazz Band due to her busy schedule.

Yet, Mrs. Cappelletti said that in Jazz band, “there is a place for everyone.”

In the past, Jazz Band attended events such as the River Grove Breakfast Fine Arts Festival, and took field trips to hear different Jazz band performs.

Traditionally, the Jazz Band Concert is at the Eagles Wing at West. The date of the concert still yet to be determined.

This year, besides the Jazz Band playing at the Jazz Band Concert, there are plans to find gigs to play at.