Homecoming Football Game 2013

Going head to head with Downers Grove South

Taylor Calderon & MacKenzie LeDuc

The annual homecoming football game is this Friday and the boys will be going against Downers Grove South.

Last year’s match up against DGS, while not a homecoming game, ended with Leyden winning 27-21. Yet, DGS did end the season second in conference, behind Leyden.

Looking toward the 2013 season, the boys are coming off a win against Addison Trail 40-21.

Downers Grove is 1-2 to start off the season which is the same record as Leyden. So Friday’s homecoming game is looking like a great match up with both teams hoping to improve their record.

“People look at the homecoming game different, but for me and my boys it’s just another football game,” head coach Tom Cerasani said.

Junior Tom “Casper” Pajor, who plays quarterback, agreed with coach saying “the homecoming game is not different from any other game.”

Senior and running back Aaron Whigham had an impressive game last week against Addison Trail.

Whigham almost broke the state record, which is scoring 5 touchdowns in one quarter, with his impressive 4 touchdowns all in the first quarter.

He noted that for him “the homecoming game is different from a regular game because more people are there and there are more distractions.”

Homecoming game aside, Pajor remarked how is can be nerve wrecking before game time but then after the first play is over his nerves subside.

For junior and linebacker Alex Rose the nervousness comes with walking on the field for the coin toss.

He also noted how this year’s game is against “one of the toughest teams to beat.”

Indeed, DGS has been conference champs 26 out of the past 30 years.

Despite their opponents’ impressive record, Pajor is looking forward to Friday’s game as they look to take down one of the toughest teams in their conference.

The boys are both excited and nervous for the 2013 homecoming football game. This will definitely be a game to watch and could set the tone for both DGS and Leyden’s season.

Friday’s Homecoming varsity game will begin at 7:30 p.m. at West. Admission is $3 with your student ID.