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Sandra Castellanos and her dog Koko pose while wearing some Blackhawk gear.

Sandra Castellanos and her dog Koko pose while wearing some Blackhawk gear.

Sandra Castellanos and her dog Koko pose while wearing some Blackhawk gear.

…An Optimistic Outlook

After a dominant performance in the regular season last year, the Chicago Blackhawks fell short in the playoffs. The Blackhawks’ front office made sure to mix things up with the team, and fans are excited about what those roster moves will mean.

Senior Mikey Pasterz explains how he stays positive and keeps his hopes high for the Blackhawks: “I trust in Coach Q and feel that our front office knows exactly what they are doing.” Being a person in the front office brings on a ton of criticism because in the end you can’t please everyone.

Hockey enthusiast Sandra Castellanos expressed how she felt about the moves that the Blackhawks made: “I was really sad when we lost Panarin; he was a key player to our team. I think that will leave a little hole in our team, but in the end I know that the Blackhawks never disappoint.” Even with the loss of a couple of key players, the Blackhawks brought in some new and old faces.

Pasterz stated what his thoughts were on the moves, “I love it! You bring in two guys like Patrick Sharp and Brandon Saad who have great playoff experience and already know the system you are using. This means no adjustment period for either of them.” Along with the addition of Sharp and Saad the Blackhawks have 19 year-old-rookie sensation Alex Debrincat.

Castellanos showed her excitement about Debrincat: “He’s an absolute stud! I love him; it’s just crazy to think that he’s only 19!” This is what defines sports You have to go through the tough times with your team, before enjoying the winning times. Many Blackhawk fans thought that they weren’t going to have a good year after the offseason that we had. Instead the Blackhawks jumped out to a hot start. They have a 4-2-1 record through the first seven games, and sit in second place in the Western Conference just one point behind the St. Louis Blues.

Pasterz said, “They’re off to a great start, but they haven’t met my expectations. There are games that I feel are close and shouldn’t be. But, that’s what happens when you have new guys on a team.”

The Blackhawks look to continue their hot start, and hopefully make a deep run into the playoffs. Sports are… what? For Blackhawks fans this year is all about hope. Staying hopeful and optimistic throughout a transition period. There were many changes that occurred this offseason, and as fans we need to have trust in the people running our organization to make the correct moves.

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