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Sports fans from all over the United States watch the NFL which makes it one of the four major sports. The Chicago Bears are well-known for their losing streak. They need to come out of their slump so fans can become excited to watch them play. The Bears

Have a strong fan base but recently their fans have been losing hope due to the team’s struggles. Chicagoans say that the team should hibernate for the season, and some say that the Bears could have a chance this year. I on the other hand, spoke with some people and their responses were somewhat the same. They lost hope do to the fact that they haven’t won a Super Bowl game since “1985.” The team might have found a spark that could help get them out of their slump. He is strong, young man named Mitchell Trubisky “As a rookie he he’s a good player but need to work on him accuracy,” said an avid Bears fan.

Mitchell Trubisky played college football at North Carolina and was drafted by the Bears with the second overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. Trubisky signed his contract and is showing Chicago that he belongs here. ”Coming straight out out of North Carolina with 14 winning games is a big concern. Also, he needs to work on his accuracy,” a football enthusiast stated. In my opinion, he is doing a tremendous job starting off his career.

Trubisky finally got his chance and he as made the most of it. He has turned some heads but his continuous 110% will be needed for the rest of the season. The Bears have struggled with finding a franchise quarterback but they may have found that with Trubisky.

“Mitchell Trubisky is dependent on Tarik Cohen and Jordan Howard who are probably the best players on the team,” claimed a football expert. Sports fans from all over the United States are talking about this rookie. Previous fans who lost hope in the Bears are now regaining confidence because of this young, healthy, and strong minded quarterback. When interviewing adults about their thoughts on the 2017 NFL layout outlook, they believed the rookie is going to bring the Chicago Bears the superbowl they desperately desire.

Chicago sports are breaking through their losing streak and bringing home big wins. The Chicago Bears need to step up and push through their losses to show fans that they deserve respect. The Bears need someone that can throw a ball accurately and someone to run the game plans as planned. Trubisky can be that guy. The more the bears keep losing, the weaker the fan base gets. Chicago is a very big sports oriented city. Football is one of the more well watched sports in America and we have so little Chicago fans rooting for the Bears. The young quarterback could be the key to pass through the tough times. This year could be the year the Bears finally make it to the Super Bowl and show that they  belong in the league. Let’s all have some courage and show some love for the Chicago Bears and support them through their 2017 season!

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