One Final “Hoo-Rah”


As an athlete there’s is nothing more satisfying than being in the spotlight and having all eyes on you. Here at Leyden, Senior Nights are one way athletes are rewarded for their hard work and dedication, a form of saying thanks to those seniors and their parents for all their commitment throughout their high school years. It’s also a chance to look back at everything that they have accomplished.

For football players it might be scoring their last touchdown, for Boys Soccer it might mean scoring their last goal and even for Girls Volleyball it might mean taking their last serve ever on a Leyden team.

Boys Soccer had an amazing season, and a big part had to do with the 17 seniors on the team that are all trying to leave their mark and make the most out of their last season. For its Senior Night the soccer team had special shirts made for a retiring Randy Conrad who was a part of one of the first soccer teams at Leyden.

Girls Tennis had an outstanding season. Senior Tennis player Cora Bak discussed her Senior Night: “We decorated the outside of the Eagle’s Nest. They took pictures of every senior with the inflatable eagle and then we did a full run through as a team.” Like every Senior Night it was a very special night for her: “What made my Senior Night special was seeing the girls cheer me on throughout the match and being supportive. I was also grateful for the work my teammates put in to make the poster and buy gifts.”

For Football we asked Varsity kicker Diego Diaz explained, “We lined up in numerical order before the game started. The juniors on varsity as well as the other Leyden football teams lined up and made a tunnel for us to run through, meeting Head Coach Cerasani at the middle of the field to take pictures with our parents.” He added, “It meant a lot to me. Having my parents coming out and support me in this special night”

Varsity soccer player Abel Estrada said,“It was a day to remember, and it was very special moment because my friends and family were all there to help me celebrate. I was happy because we not only took a dub but also we had the support of the fans that made it special.” In reflecting on senior night overall, Estrada said, “It’s a chance for us seniors to be recognized for our hard work over the years and it’s our final goodbye to all our fans.” Abel also mentioned that “My dad being there and having a poster made for me is what made my Senior Night special to me”

Senior Night can have different meanings for different people but for most of us it means more than just a game, it’s a special moment in every athlete’s high school career for whichever sport they participate, it’s a day they will never forget and it’s one of the many moments in one’s lifetime where the spotlight is on them.