NHL Lockout Continues

The National Hockey League lockout has left fans all over missing out on one of the most popular sports around. Here is a quick rundown on why this lockout is happening.

The league owners and the union continue to disagree on the “collective bargaining agreement“ which covers a lot of things. But the things they are disagreeing on that caused the strike is that the owners want to decrease the revenue players get, which is a guaranteed 57% of all hockey related revenues. Other key issues are limits on terms of contracts, salary arbitration, and a change of free agency rules.

At first the games were cancelled up until November 1. Now, because that date has passed, already 25% of the season is gone. Because of this, most of the cancelled games will not be made up because the season would run too long. It was said that they will try to play as many games as possible.

The thing that stands out to many fans is that this lockout is very similar to the lockout of the 04-05 season which resulted in the cancellation of the entire season. Hopefully the same results don’t come out of this lockout, but it was the same problems that caused both of these lockouts.

So hockey fans keep your eyes out for new info on the lockout and whether there will be a NHL hockey season. whatsoever.