The Eagle's Eye

Errol Lucas


Man in the Mirror

Dancing Through Life: Errol Lucas, unlike many high school students, has already found his passion in life. When asked about his most important belonging, he immediately thought of his mirrors. Learning to dance through watching himself and critiquing his own mistakes, Errol found a pastime and an inspiration. In five years, he even hopes to work as a dance instructor, helping others to find that same passion he’s used to help him  overcome his struggles and enrich his life.
Sudden Travels

Family Comes First: After spring break, when students finally hit the books and cram for finals, Errol’s family had a change of plans. In the Philippines, a cousin of his had an elaborate wedding; family flew in from all over. Errol had to put behind his studying for a trip across the world. However, seeing family, eating amazing food, being part of a celebration, and even performing at the wedding are all perfect reasons to toss the stress of finals away for even just a week.
Friends or Family?

Why Not Both?: Most people struggle when answering the 17 magazine type of question, “Would you rather be around your family or friends?” However, balancing a social and family life isn’t always a struggle. A cousin of Errol’s became more of a best friend. He says “Sometimes, I feel like he’s not even my cousin, just an extremely close friend.” Errol’s cousin plays various roles in his life. He is a motivator, advisor, listener, and above all someone who can be trusted. And for that, Errol is thankful.

Errol Lucas, Reporter

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