The Eagle's Eye

Mireya Cano


Dogs Over People Any Day!

Who wouldn’t prefer dogs over people? She loves her dogs and would do anything for them.
A Passion for Acting

Mireya really wants more people to know about theater and acting, and how much fun it is! And how it can really change your life, like it has changed hers. If it wasn’t for theater she would of never of met her best friend, and we can all agree we need one of those!
Making the Most Out of her Time. LITERALLY!

Over the summer, Mireya explains she got  six hours of sleep in the span of 3 days, and just went non-stop, from her job at the haunt, to volunteer at the color run, to back at the haunt,  but the fun doesn’t end there. She is always busy doing something, whether it be working, performing, or hanging out with friends.

Mireya Cano, Copy Editor

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