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3 Things: Paulina Castelan



Better than Parents: Paulina is the person she is today because of her parents. Her parents didn’t have the opportunity to go to college and because of that her parents always encourage her to do good to school. But Paulina never had that issue growing up.  She was always good in school. If it wasn’t for her parents she wouldn’t be an honor student, outgoing and generous person. They are the reason why she always strives to do excellent.

Involved: At Leyden she recently got accepted into NHS (National Honor Society), she is in Modern UN(United Nation), She will be doing her 3rd year in cross country, her 3rd year in track and she is also an ACCESS mentor. She does her schoolwork and homework but she is a big procrastinator...according to her. At least she gets her work done.

Medicine: Paulina definitely wants to get into the medical field, she will become a doctor and attend a 4 year university.  She wants to go to Loyola to start living her life. She doesn’t want to have kids, just because she wants to focus her life on her career. But she does want to have a bunch of nieces and nephews. When she grows up she wants to make a great impact into the world and be remember by doing good to the community. She wants to become independent, successful and by achieving that she won’t give up onto her big dreams.

Paulina Castelan, Sports Co-editor

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