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Essence Tolver

Essence Tolver, Reporter


Far in the Future

When asked where she sees herself years from now, Essence told me she plans on going to college in Alabama for four years after high school. From there, she plans to get into business and hopefully open up her own hotel.

School is Cool

Essence took journalism this year because she was interested in the Friday morning announcements. Besides journalism, Essence is taking a PE class, Psych AP, and senior seminar. Out of these classes, she really enjoys senior seminar and journalism. Her least favorite is Psych AP because her teacher gives too much homework.

More Personal

At home, Essence is a sister to her younger sister and her 4 older brothers. After school, she prefers to go out with her friends and do some things they like to do, but unfortunately she works about 4/7 days a week and when she isn’t working, she’s most likely doing school work. Also, during track season which is in the spring, Essence is on the track team which takes up most of her time during the day as well.

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December 4, 2015
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