The Eagle's Eye

Giovanni Montes

Giovanni Montes, Reporter


Flashback to the Past

The “Roaring” 1920s: Gio is intrigued to live in the era of the 1920s. He would want to experience the atmosphere of the era comparing it to the current era we live in. He is mostly fascinated by the outfits, notably the suits the men wore at the time. In addition to the suits, he would want to experience the uplifting musical sensation of the time period.

The People’s Person

Speaking in front of large crowds isn’t a fear: When it comes to his strengths, Gio is most proud of his “social skills.” He doesn’t shy away from an opportunity to start up a conversation with any stranger. When it comes to larger crowds; however, he might be a little nervous, but that won’t stop him. Another aspect of him that he admires his sense of humor. He considers himself the laid back type of person.

Extending the Boundaries

Up to the challenges: Breaking the boundaries, asking out of the “norm” questions, but still willing to entertain his audience is Gio’s goal and contribution to the newsroom this year. His interest lies in interviewing a variety of people. Considers himself up to the challenge when it comes to harder stories to cover. He doesn’t have any particular story that he wants to focus. However, he would rather write stories than broadcast the stories.

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