The Eagle's Eye

Melissa Corral


Munchin With Friends!

Snack time all the time: A favorite activity of Melissa’s includes grabbing a good snack with some great friends. It’s just another way for them to hang out and catch up while building up their energy from long weeks at school.
Celebrating the Little Things

From New Years to Christmas: To Melissa, there’s no point in a holiday, or anyday without a celebration. Life’s dull already, and celebrating even the smallest brightens things up. Some of her favorite times of the year is when she’s sitting with some friends, watching the fireworks on the Fourth of July, or when she’s sipping on hot chocolate near the Christmas tree.
Around the World

Living the Dream: Melissa hopes to travel the world once out of high school. There’s so much about other cultures to learn about and so little time, according to Melissa. She only wishes exploring the world could be an occupation. On the bucket list, she wishes to travel to the roots of mythology, Greece, get in touch with her

Melissa Corral, Reporter

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