The Eagle's Eye

Logan Cubas is a reporter for 2019-2020 East Leyden Student News. Logan is a senior who enjoys spending time with friends and family, he enjoys playing soccer as well. After high-school Logan looks forward to attending a 4 year college to help him pursue his career. Logan has always wanted to be a sports commentator for soccer on Telemundo. He is very excited to start this journey. 

Logan’s currents habits are scrolling on social media’s such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. After spending time on social media Logan likes to watch ESPN, Bein Sports, and Fox sports to catch up on daily news. Every morning he likes to catch up on soccer updates. Logan is making an effort to expand his knowledge on being a sports commentator. From researching on a daily basis to doing school projects about this topic Logan is looking forward to accomplishing this dream he has always had.

Logan Cubas, Reporter