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Nicholas Motyka
Nicholas Motyka is a writer for the 2019-2020 East Leyden student news. Nicholas is currently a senior who loves to play sports, socialize with people, and spend majority of his time sleeping. In addition, Nicholas wants to pursue a career in physical therapy/training. 

Nicholas's current news diet consists of sports, video games, and anything that comes up on his Twitter feed. While he uses Instagram more than any other app, most of his news is pertained through Twitter. Nicholas is constantly in sports debates in person, online, you name it. He loves to express his opinions with his friends/family. While he loves to watch First Take on ESPN and see Stephen A Smith constantly yelling at Max Kellerman, he also enjoys hearing about drama between celebrities. ESPN and Twitter are his favorite news sources.

Even though Nicholas finds pleasure in hearing about sports and watching new video game trailers, he is attempting to widen his news diet and consume more of a political and global diet. Although he tends to find these subjects very boring, he needs to be caught up on things that are very essential to society in order to relate to others, and be an intelligent man. This process has been difficult for Nicholas, considering he's been very busy lately, but he hopes to be more dedicated and aware of situations in the future.


Nicholas Motyka, Writer

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