Familiar Face in a New Place

Pecucci moves to Director of Community Outreach position

Familiar Face in a New Place

Martha Leski, Reporter

Mr. Tony Pecucci is a new face in the East Leyden Student Activities office. But Mr.Pecucci isn’t entirely a new face. Previously teaching Business Education classes and being largely responsible for TSI at West Leyden, he transferred to East Leyden to assume the position of Director of Student Activities and Director of Community Outreach.

What sparked this change of pace?

“I wanted a different interaction with students,” Mr. Pecucci explained. “There are some genuinely nice students, which makes the transition easier.”

“I love being in charge of student activities and Community Outreach, because a lot of students at East want to take on leadership roles. It is really cool that students want to take charge by themselves, and this seems to happen every week at Leyden,” Mr. Pecucci revealed.

Pecucci shared some things that he would like the students of East Leyden to know about him.

“Students are welcome in the Student Activities office whenever. I don’t have any candy because it is hard to keep up with candy consumption at East,” he joked. “Any student with an idea or concern is welcome to stop by at any time.”