Captain’s Q&A

Quick Hits from the 2015 Football Leaders

Jasmina Abdic, Social Chair

  1. What responsibility do you now have as the football varsity captain?
  2. Does your jersey number have any meaning to you? If so what’s the meaning?
  3. If you could describe the varsity team in one word, what would it be?
  4. What are a few words you have to say to freshman who want to become captain?
FullSizeRender-(2)Mike Wilms
  1. “As a captain, I try to set an example for the other kids on the team and throughout the rest of our program.  Me and the other captains try to be leaders and role models to all the other Leyden football players.”
  2. “I wear #2 because it is the number of my favorite player, Johnny Manziel.”
  3.   “Saucy.”
  4.   “I would just tell freshmen to try and lead by example as much as they can.  Also, I would say that they should try and be a leader on and off of the field.”
FullSizeRender-(1)David DeMarais
  1. “It’s my job to motivate the team during practices and games and to also make sure everyone knows their assignment during plays.”
  2. “I don’t like double digit numbers on jerseys, So I just decided on 1.”
  3. “Saucy.”
  4. “I would tell them to keep grinding and no days off!”
FullSizeRenderSteven Gulo
  1. “Taking control of the team if we get in a bad situation and relax them so they’re ready to go 100 percent focused on every play.”
  2. “My older brother Mick had number 30, and he killed it and honestly it’s a solid number.”
  3. “Saucy.”
  4. “Take pride and leadership in what you do because the coaches will recognize that.”
AJ Jaffray
  1. “I feel like I need to be really vocal with my team. I like to get the team fired up because I feel like we play better when we are having fun.”
  2. “No meaning. David DeMarais took my favorite number (#1), which is the number I’ve had since I was a little kid.”
  3. “Saucy.”
  4. “Just work hard everyday and you can reach your goals.”