Honors Blog #2

Easier said than done.

Honors Blog #2

Everyone, including myself, can dream and believe they can do anything in the world. Anything is possible, right?

But, can the impossible always be achieved by the common man? Maybe not. We, as a society, can talk big about what we can accomplish in life, however, be unable to pull through with it. Saying a few words is easy to do, but actually “doing” those words is a lot harder. For example, I always told myself I wanted to be a pharmacist. Yet, after researching the career I found that it has a lot of studying and hard work involved that would be very difficult for me. So, in this case, I said that I wanted to be a pharmacist, but wasn’t able to go through with it.

Life is all about dreaming, but we all get caught up in a dream way too big for us to handle. In the Collins Dictionary, the phrase “easier said than done” means that we emphasize that although it sounds like a good idea in theory, it would be very difficult to actually do it. We all want to live out our passions, but sometimes, it’s easier said than done.