Suburb of Hay al-Amal, Baghdad

Karina Kosmala, Arts and Entertainment Editor

“In a statement distributed on pro-ISIL Twitter accounts, the Sunni group said the aim of Friday’s attacks in Baghdad was ‘revenge for our monotheist brothers in al-Fallujah, al-Anbar, and Salahaldin,’ referring to ongoing Iraqi military operations to retrieve land lost to ISIL in those locations.”-

During a Baghdad memorial service southwest of Hay al-Amal for a Shiite Militia fighter, 17 people were killed due to a suicide bomber. The Islamic State, who also killed the Shiite Militia officer previously in battle, “claimed responsibility for a suicide blast and a roadside bombing that targeted Shiites in Baghdad,” according to the Associated Press.

Occurring the same day was a bombing in Sadr City at a Shia shrine near the road that injured 15 people and “killed at least five people,” according to Aljazerra. In terms of that incident, the Iraqi Kurdish forces took part in that in order to retrieve “liberation of the town of Sinjar” as a fight against ISIS.